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A Higher Standard of Clean

Who we are

BNX Cleaning is a commercial andindustrial cleaning company based in Vancouver that has been providing superiorjanitorial services to a wide variety of businesses. We are an owner-operatedbusiness which means we have a vested interest in commercial cleaning andour customer’s satisfaction.

Whether you’re a small or multi-nationalcompany, BNX Cleaning is the right solution for you. Our fully-trained andcertified teams provide the highest quality cleaning and service.

We’re so confident that you will besatisfied with our services we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Ourcommitment to providing our owner-operators the best training and measurablecleaning processes allows BNX Cleaning to provide our customers with thebest commercial cleaning services being offered.

What does the BNX Cleaning offer mean to you

ü   Stable cleaning crews who know your property

ü   Thorough and reliable cleaning every time

ü   Frequent cleaning performance evaluations and reporting

ü   Efficient cleaning technology and tools

Thorough cleaning fora healthier work environment

The clean ofyour facility is dependent on our attention to detail. That’s why your cleaningschedule is made specifically for you. All of our customers receive a customcleaning schedule that we create with you, based on your needs.

How we clean

BNX Cleaning provides services that youcan trust and depend on.We ensure a high standard of clean throughour techniques and processes. This includes:

ü   HEPA filter back pack vacuums

ü   Green cleaning processes for a healthierenvironment

ü   High pressure washing machine

full set of chemicalsand tools that give your facility a better clean

At BNX Cleaning,we relentlessly pursue the highest standards in cleaning with customizedprograms designed to meet your needs, whether for daily, nightly or one-timeoffice cleaning services. our janitors are more than clean. They do what we saywe’re going to do and follow up with each customer to confirm complete customersatisfaction.

Industries we serve

A clean and healthy environment isessential for all businesses and facilities, regardless of the industry. Nowmore than ever, detailed disinfecting methods should be in place to protect theguests and employees of your facility. The professionals at BNX Cleaning have theexperience and skills to deliver spotless, pristine results.

At BNX Cleaning, we are dedicated todelivering the highest standard of clean. Regardless of your facility type,our professional cleaners have industry-specific knowledge that theywill bring to your environment to ensure you receive the detailedcleaning and disinfecting you need.


Some Of the Industries We Serve

  • Food Processing Factory

  • Industrial Storage and Factory Warehouse

  • Packaging and Cold Storage Cleaning

  • Office Buildings

  • Industrial Cleanings

  • Hospitality   Industry

  • Education Facilities

  • Religious Buildings

  • Event Centers

  • Shopping Centers

  • Banks

Our professional cleaning technicianstake the time to get to know your facility and its specific requirements sothat we can perfectly customize a cleaning plan that accommodates yourneeds. You can trust that we have experience with properties of all sizesand industries. We offer flexible schedules, including daily, weekly andmonthly services, and we can clean around your business hours to ensure we neverdisrupt the people in your facility.

Customized Industrial Cleaning Services

20221014Large industrial and manufacturingfacilities have a lot of moving parts. Don’t let dirt, dust, or debris slow youdown. Instead, turn to a cleaning company that can support your facility’sneeds.

Over the past manyyears, our team has mastered a wide range of janitorial services, includingindustrial cleaning services for a wide variety of industries.

From acute and detailed care insensitive environments to deep cleaning in more heavily used areas andequipment, our cleaning experts have the knowledge and experience to take onany cleaning task.

Make sure your facility runs likeclockwork with factory and warehouse cleaning services from a dedicatedcleaning team. When you work with our team, you receive the personalizedattention and high-quality industrial cleaning services you deserve.

Count on BNX Cleaning whether you needdaily or weekly cleaning, or a one-time deep clean of your facility.

Our team and staff are happy to workwith your schedule, so your day-to-day tasks aren’t negatively impacted.

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