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About us

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BNX Cleaning is a commercial andindustrial cleaning company based in Vancouver that has been providing superiorjanitorial services to a wide variety of businesses. We are an owner-operatedbusiness which means we have a vested interest in commercial cleaning andour customer’s satisfaction.

Whether you’re a small or multi-nationalcompany, BNX Cleaning is the right solution for you. Our fully-trained andcertified teams provide the highest quality cleaning and service.

We’re so confident that you will besatisfied with our services we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Ourcommitment to providing our owner-operators the best training and measurablecleaning processes allows BNX Cleaning to provide our customers with thebest commercial cleaning services being offered.

What does the BNX Cleaning offer mean to you?

What does the BNX Cleaning offer mean to you?



ü   Stable cleaning crews who know your property

ü   Thorough and reliable cleaning every time

ü   Frequent cleaning performance evaluations and reporting

ü   Efficient cleaning technology and toolsThorough cleaning fora healthier work environment

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